Hack4Sec Passwords Statistic

How it works
We search public DB leakages with public services. All countries, all subjects. From this leakages we get passwords without any other information (logins, email, ips, etc). Passwords analysing and result statistics data adding on this service with country and subject link. We don`t analyse, don`t public and don`t save other information.
List of analysed leakages not publishing.

How to help
Any ideas and comments you can post on team`s forum. If you want give to us some leakage, remember we works only with public data. Check your leakage published in network and have free access.

?x charset
This is formal charset for letters of national alphabets (russia, arabic, indian, etc)

Limits for symbols and positions
In charsets and symbols statistic we have next limits:
  • Don`t displays positions more than 20
  • Don`t displays symbols with percents in current position less 0.01%

Strange categories names
Categories with strange names (for example - GP) need for inside team usage and only team members known this meaning.